Health is the new wealth

Globally, brands in this category are experiencing strong growth. South Africa is on the same course due to the rise of health-conscious consumers in the country. There has been a rise in the consumption of healthy drinks and the demand for conscious, local, sustainable brands. According to consumers do not only want to devour products low in sugar, but they are looking for ingredients with health benefits.

There are already a small number of brands in the South African health drink market, but none are as African focused as A1 Fruit Water. The premium African design with focus on local farmers, real African fruit and selling points of zero-sugar, zero calories and preservative-free will give the brand a competitive advantage.

A1 Grapefruit Sparkling Fruit Water

This year, Imbibe Magazine  2020 beverage trend predictions shaped by health and wellness, thirst for cultural adventure, and state of the economy:

  • Holistic wellness​ 
  • Hyper-personalization​ 
  • Hybrid functional beverages​ 
  • Green rush​ 
  • Sustainability​ 
  • Sense of adventure​ 
  • Convenience ​

As a brand, A1 Fruit Water aims to capture the rhythm and colours of the African continent while answering the sustainability call to live local and support local. As an enabler of community upliftment, the A1 Fruit Water product celebrates the diverse produce, cultures and tastes across the continent. The bright colours and premium look of the brand have been inspired by the A1 Fruit Water team’s passion for Africa.

People walking in South Africa with A1 Fruit Water

A1 Fruit Water works with farming partners who are located in the sub-tropical mango and citrus producing region of Hoedspruit in the north of the country. Here, the supply chain and local factories are assisted by A1 Fruit Water through their purchasing of the by-product from the fruit concentrate manufacturing process and thus push the supply and demand for fruit produce in the area.

Not only this, but A1 Fruit Water hits the right notes in terms of being: 

  • Gluten-free
  • Calorie-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Vegan

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A1 Credits these sources:
Imbibe Magazine, Food Navigator USA, Marie Ellen Shoup