We’re choosing mindful drinking this December!

As a brand that upholds healthy and sustainable living, we’re encouraging healthy decisions this December.

Mindful drinking is the practice of being aware of why and how much alcohol you drink. It often leads to healthier relationships with alcohol and less consumption. To practice mindful drinking, pause before each new drink and ask yourself whether it supports you.

So, if you’re out and about this “silly season” here are a few ways you can enjoy hydration by nature with A1 Fruit Water as the healthy alternative.

  • A1 Fruit Water contains no sugar, so pack your hiking backpacks with a few tins of your favourite flavour to enjoy as you summit your favourite trail or mountain!
  • As a zero calorie beverage, pop a few slices of citrus and a heap of ice in a glass and drink A1 Fruit Water as an alternative to alcoholic drinks laden with sugar and unwanted kilojoules.
  • When you’re exercising, grab a post-workout A1 and rehydrate without adding extra preservatives and additives found in energy/functional beverages.
  • Switch between one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic drink at social occasions; a glass of A1 Fruit Water with fruit or botanicals (try our lemon flavour with a sprig of basil or mint) is just as satisfying!

We caught up with influencer and celebrity fItness guru Lisa Raleigh who recently enjoyed A1 Fruit Water and shared her poolside sipping experience.

The Global Trend: 

Globally, brands in this category are experiencing strong growth. South Africa is on the same course due to the rise of health-conscious consumers in the country. There has been a rise in the consumption of healthy drinks and the demand for conscious, local, sustainable brands. 

According to beveragedaily.com consumers do not only want to devour products low in sugar, but they are looking for ingredients with health benefits.

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