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Our fruit water is a delicious, calorie-free and sugar-free way to stay refreshed at home or on the go - all thanks to the very best mandarins, lemons and grapefruits Africa has to offer.

100% in South Africa. Think South African | Drink South African.

Our water is a by product of making African juice - that means we only use 100% real African fruit in our drinks.

Our water is extracted straight from real African fruit, in Africa - simple, fresh, flavoursome and absolutely nothing artifical.

No preservative at all. Only fresh sparkling water and real Africa fruit.

Yes. All flavours are Gluten-Free! There is no contact with meat, dairy, wheat, or nuts in the production of this product.

Sure is. Fully vegan accredited.

Yes. A1 fruit water does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO).

A1 fruit water is available in 3 flavours, Mandarin, Lemon & Grapefruit.

Buying online

We are currently available to buy in select Pick N Pay stores across South Africa. You can find more information below. 

That's simple, in select Pick N Pay as well as other retailers acorss South Africa and online at Just follow this link to find out where.