In this e-book you will find a number of interesting ways to enjoy our sugar-free, zero calorie sparkling waters, whether this is at home, on-the-go or with friends and family.


Cat Carstens
David Mahlalela
Tasha Marais



A fresh and zesty mocktail featuring crushed ice, mint, cucumber, lime and A1 Fruit Water Lemon.

3 thinly sliced cucumber slices
Crushed ice
Sprig of mint
80ml lemonade
100ml A1 Fruit Water: Sparkling Lemon Lime slices

1. Add thinly sliced cucumber slices to a glass
2. Add a few small cubes of ice into the glass
3. Add a fresh sprig of mint to the glass (we tap the mint to release the aroma)
4. Top with 80ml of lemonade, followed by 100ml of A1 Fruit Water Lemon
5. Add a squeeze of lime and serve with lime wheels to garnish and more mint